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Shanghai Ranking Consultancy releases the 2016 Academic Ranking of World Universities by Broad Subject Fields (ARWU-FIELD) today.

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Here's a quick tour of the main features: Stacks and damage graphs. Obviously there are a billion other combinations you can plot, but this will do as a start - later on, you'll be able to customize everything and share your dashboards with other people.

A situation quite easy to solve if people were more conscious about throwing their garbage into to the sand or water. The speed and relative calmness in the way it happened was so unexpected that we did not even notice that 40 minutes later we had served meals for about 70 people. “It´s very hard sometimes not having for everyone”, says Marta Canário. Leading the selection process of the World Life Experience group is the Portuguese branch of this international and independent company specialized in selection and recruitment.

Although the reality that we found in the beach sadden us, our little action was something that made us feel good because we were able to meet one of our main convictions in this project: to bring the world's attention to social causes. As we could not go to the kitchen because there were too many people and we still wanted to have this first experience as a group, we took the opportunity to go to Oriente (Lisbon area) with one of the volunteer teams from C. She also explained: “There are some people here who own houses, others are homeless, some sleep-in factories, there are others that we see three times and we never see again”, she adds. The CEGOS Group celebrated its 90th anniversary in 2016 and they are present in more than 50 countries.

A network of nodes or 'synsets' will spring out from the word that you entered.

A synset is essentially a single concept that is represented by a number of terms or synonyms.