Vice advice for dating rich girls

Paris does not get accepted into her dream school Harvard. Paris has a huge crush on Tristan, with whom she went to school since third grade (who only had eyes for Rory), and her mom pays her cousin Jacob to take her to the school dance in their sophomore year.Paris even breaks the news of Lorelai and Max's relationship just to get everyone to stop talking about her parents' (very public) divorce.Maybe you know some women like this or possibly are one.A question that I am often posed by them is this: “What do Christian guys think of women like me?

Kiki was born in a suburb "bored out of her mind" and moved to Liberty City.

They have fantasies of how much better life would be for them if only they were rich.

Wouldn’t marrying a rich person be like winning the lottery?

Madeline Lynn and Louise Grant are her two oldest friends in high school, though she is very different from them.

Madeline and Louise care more about boys and fashion, than they seem to care about school.

Vice advice for dating rich girls