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I recently encountered this screen while upgrading my Windows 10 v 1607 to Windows v1703.

While my other laptops did not face any issues, my Dell XPS laptop was stuck at this screen for over 2 hours! You just need to wait till the upgrade process is over.

I have just come home from a really bad day at work, following a really awful morning, only to find my daughter's TV had broken, yet SOMETHING ELSE to sort out.....

but due to your kindness in a matter of seconds her TV is now fixed and that is one less thing I have to worry about.

I had the author of this post ping me and suggest that people should just manually update their things if they disabled Windows Update.

That's fine in, say, a managed desktop environment such as many organisations run and let's be clear - disabling Windows Update isn't the issue in that situation because there are professionals managing the rollout of patches (with the obvious exception of the organisations that just got hit by Wanna Cry).

well..4 days after the warranty ended, i noticed something about this television... The red light is on at the time of the 'black'screen' and when i press the button, the green light appears as if the television is ready for display action. Now....after 1 hour of pressing a button, i feel like the guys from lost who lived in a bunker.

A very big THANK YOU indeed to you and if you get this message and wish to post an email address linked to your Pay Pal account I will send you a fiver so you can have a pint on me!!

For your personal privacy and security, I recommend you use our 'PM' function to send personal info like that.

Here are some possible problems starting, stopping, and connecting the EV3 brick, with suggested solutions.

Starting/stopping issues: Barbara teaches at the Shady Hill School in Cambridge, Massachusetts and works at the Center for Engineering and Education Outreach at Tufts University.