Templatefield not updating

In fact, if I debug as late as Page_Pre Render of the page, the Grid View still seems to have 4 rows.

Howdy, I have a Details View that when I fire the Update Item event, it doesn't update the data. The page reloads and the data is set back to the original. this is coding ----------------- ya now i tried in updating event. If i don't give gv =null it show an error so pls give suggestion for rectify this error. Hi, I have a very preplexing problem with a Grid View, called gv Job Calls. Through the UI on the page, the user adds data which should render as a 4th row of data. One of the first things it does is update a Data Table which ultimately becomes the Data Source for the Grid View.It is a fairly complex Grid View with a ton of code, both declarative and code-behind. Then there is a call to Bind Job Calls Grid: The logging call does in fact reflect that the Data View now has the 4 rows expected.