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So I started TOMS as a new way of doing business and a new way to give people the ability to create positive change with the simple decisions they make everyday.The notion that today kids and communities can use the technology of Skype in the Classroom to virtually connect is so inspiring to me.Mi Voice extends the Skype for Business client to Mitel voice call control features, such as click-to-call, incoming call device selection, and more.It includes in-call features like forward, transfer, and embedded conferencing and enables employees to with the ability to control their desk phones, mobile devices and move calls between those devices, all from within the Microsoft Skype for Business client.The success of these Skype connections are due mainly to the planning and commitment of the teachers involved on both sides of the webcam.I know without a doubt that their enthusiasm, adventurism and even blind trust in me with whatever I throw at them, contributes to being able to expose our students to a classroom open to a big world out there.We use Skype to call phones around the world about 40-80 minutes per month, which only costs us a few dollars.We just use the basic pre-paid service and pay as we go and only have to add to our account every few months or so.

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Teachers and youth leaders around the world can join TOMS Giving Partners and TOMS Marketplace brands to inspire the next generation, through TOMS and Skype in the Classroom.With Mi Voice for Skype for Business, you choose your deployment strategy, whether in a premises-based, cloud-based or hybrid deployment, for Mi Voice for Skype for Business integrates with both premises-based and cloud-based Skype for Business or Lync implementations.Mi Voice for Skype for Business is built on the open, fully modular Mitel Freedom Architecture that is agnostic when it comes to third-party business applications and unified communications components.Whether you are an aspiring change-maker, social entrepreneur, teacher or youth leader, this exciting new program will enable you to connect into the TOMS world and with each other in a whole new way.Nine years ago, I was in Argentina and for the first time and saw children in need of shoes.