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For those are playwright David Harrower's objectives in Blackbird, a two-person drama inspired by a 2003 case that originated in Jacksonville, N. After gradually gaining the trust of an 11-year-old British girl through chat room sessions and slowly turning their conversations toward sex—a predatory behavior called "child sexual grooming," associated with pedophilia—a U. Marine named Toby Studebaker left Camp Lejeune, flew to London and took the girl to Paris without her parents' knowledge. Yes, the reality of the case on which Blackbird is based differs markedly from the back story Harrower uses to fuel a confrontation some 15 years after Ray, a 41-year-old neighbor, sexually appropriated and abducted Una, a 12-year-old girl with a three-month crush on him.

After an international manhunt, she returned home, and Studebaker served four years in an English prison before starting an 11-year sentence in the U. Here, Ray has been able to successfully change his name and start his life over—as much as a life can be restarted in one's mid-50s—as a manager at a medical manufacturing plant.

Exactly how human a face are you willing to put on a convicted child molester?

And how will you respond when a playwright questions the possible culpability of both parties to the act? passed new laws banning child sexual grooming online.

Then, last year, she decided she had finally had enough and left Pugh.

But Henderson soon learned her husband had been living a double life."They don't know," she says.

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There are a variety of organizations that offer support groups for consumers, their family members and friends.

With the good news came a devastating diagnosis: she was also HIV positive."When I first found out I was positive I contacted the authorities," Henderson says.

"I didn't follow up because I felt sorry for him and I was believing him."Henderson says she also felt no one else would have her, so she decided to settle.

Though the sex satisfied Yadav’s own perversions, he used the unusual initiations to weed out people he thought might belong to law enforcement, according to Athens-Clarke police Detective Beverly Russell, who helped break the cloning ring.“Basically, everyone that became involved (in the ring) met Vikas in S&M chat sites, and (the way) for them to get into the inner sanctum of the group was to have sex with him and others, and be videoed doing it,” Russell said.“That was to protect himself, to keep cops from infiltrating his group,” she said.

Though Yadav was deported to his native country of India in 2010, Russell didn’t talk about the strange details of the cloning ring until Thursday.

Online sex chat room jacksonville nc