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I have a classic case of nostalgia for a time I've never seen and I was, simply, just born in the wrong time. While your peers refuse to watch anything without high-def or Megan Fox, you long for the three-hour films of Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn.

You wish for the grandeur of the old sets and the dialogue of men and women who knew how to speak.

Getting together with girlfriends to talk about life and love gets even better when you include the funny and relatable new book, MODERN DATING: A Field Guide From How About We.

As a city greatly influenced by Hellenistic culture, Ascalon enjoyed the king's generosity.

I didn't want to wear their clothes or play their games. I refused to join Facebook or Instagram and wouldn't go with them to the concerts and movies they found so fun. “Why, dear, you're just an old soul.”That was it, I was diagnosed.

I'd sit at home, alone with my parents as they asked me why I never went out with anymore. And like so many afflicted with the same disease, my life became easier once I knew who I was and what I was. I like old movies, I like the idea of times I've never experienced and fashions I'll never wear.

The city withstood the assaults of the Hasmonaean kings and, except for Ptolemais, remained the only independent city on the Palestinian coast. Although surrounded by Jewish territories, the city retained its independence even under Herod the Great.

the city became independent, and its new dating era began.