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The Humin app was basically a personal assistant that specialized in remembering all the tiny details when you meet somebody new, allowing you to later look that person up based on context search cues like "lives in Manhattan" or "emailed last week." The startup had raised million, and was acquired by Tinder for an undisclosed sum.“I’m someone who is quite shy, and onstage I’m quite… “So I wanted to separate my two lives and have this outfit so people associate my music with this costume. I thought it was funny.” In many of the interviews and features on Jain so far, she has been asked about whether she feels she is appropriating the culture sampled in her music – often by people who either aren’t aware of her background or who don’t seem to think that music is capable of crossing borders unhindered.“I understand because some people don’t know about my life, they think ‘she’s French, she’s adding African rhythm’, so I feel I have to explain my story, which is very different,” Jain says.When Tinder bought Humin, the idea seemed to be to expand beyond the dating sphere, which Tinder has tried through the launch of things like "Tinder Social" — though none of those efforts have caught fire like its dating elements.You might wonder why it’s taken French pop music so long to cross over the Channel – and many artists would point you to the country’s strict rules for radio, which limit the number of English-language songs that can be played in between French-language ones.