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He has always been there when I needed him,returned my calls promptly, taken his time to explain anything I've asked of him and encouraged me with my own personaltreatment (herbal and alternative medicines). He takes time to talk to you & answer yourquestions even if it's not the answer you'dlike to hear. Website: The Digestive Health Consultants Medical Group, Inc.

He has been my doctor for 20 yearsand has been wonderful through all my HCVtrials and tribulations. When I need an answer I know I can dependon MJ to get it for me.

Diagnosis of acute infection permits estimation of annual incidence rates and transmission patterns, thereby facilitating implementation and assessment of prevention programs.

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Do you have any ideas for treatment Know anyone that has it that's found a way to feel better... Thank You, she isn't feeling too bad yet she still drinks I worry about her all the time as we had a little close knit group of friends then the sh*t hit the fan a couple died... I was lucky enough to contract viral hepatitis over the summer, which started with a simple lymph node in my armpit... The worst part about viral hepatitis is that there's nothing they can give you to make you "well", and it takes about 3 months to "do it's thing".Acute HCV infection may result from exposure to the virus through various routes.The highest risk is associated with repeated parenteral exposures from contaminated equipment in an injection drug use (IDU) setting. Many think having a chronic (infectious) illness like hepatitis B makes them less than worthy of love and a normal life with a romantic partner.Unfortunately we forget we are more than our illness and focus on the things we cannot change rather than the wonderful things we have to offer a partner.