Dating oil paintings

She went to Switzerland and skied and loved Switzerland. And then he goes up to Kitzbühel in Innsbruck, which are the ski resort areas, and one of the first artists to do skiing paintings.

And when she immigrated to the United States, she brought this picture with her, kept it on her bedroom wall all the time, and would tell me about how wonderful Switzerland was. She might have picked it up in Switzerland, but she might have gone across the border to Kitzbühel and skied there in Innsbruck.

We can only attempt to imagine what these looked like from some detailed literary descriptions and vase-paintings that appear to echo their compositions.

The first century BC to third century AD Fayum mummy portraits, preserved in the exceptionally dry conditions of Egypt, provide the bulk of surviving panel painting from the Imperial Roman period - about 900 face or bust portraits survive.

APPRAISER: Now, do you know anything about the artist at all? Around 1925 or so, he starts to really focus on the skiing paintings and the alpine paintings. What's interesting is that in this, he's able to have this bright white against the deep shadows here, and also he does this scene a number of times over and over again, and so this is called the Einsamer Berghof.

And he's born in 1891, but he goes off to school to train as an architect, and he's friends with the famous Austrian artist Gustav Klimt, and Egon Schiele, two of the major Austrian architects.

They offer a fascinating insight into previous owners, with an interesting owner having a positive effect on value.

Christie’s has used a variety of marks since the 19th century, which allow you to see who has bought and owned a work over the course of its history., my nationally syndicated antiques and collectibles call-in radio show that airs Sunday mornings 8 to 10 a.m. If your local station does not carry the show, you can listen on (click first on “Listen to Talk” and then on Channel 1).In an e-mail, Steve asked for a few insider tips that would help him decide which oil paintings would and would not be worth buying for resale. W-A-L" and then this is a D, and that's an E, so it's Walde.Einsamer Berghof means "the lonely mountain cabin." And so he has the figures here. It was such a nice picture to just sort of have around.